A Different Dragon

Posted: July 7, 2009 in Ramblings
Hi everyone!  In addition to planning for our camping trip, going on playdates, and keeping the house together, I have finally found a little time to embark on a new project that has been intriguing me for a few months.  Windstone Editions makes lovely dragon sculptures (though some of their other things, like the griffin and the winged wolf, seem a bit out of proportion or something, just not quite right).  The regular price for these painted dragons is not-so-affordable, and besides, who would buy a prepainted one when they could paint one themselves?  Certainly not me.  So, I ordered the Paint-Your-Own "Young Dragon" a few weeks ago and finally got around to painting it this week.
I did a little bit each day so I wouldn’t be tempted to be too hasty and heavy-handed.  Windstone recommends airbrushing, but other than the base coat I didn’t see the need for that (and, I might add, I am not that skilled with the airbrush!).  I started on day 1 with a spray-painted base coat of black acrylic.  Oh – let me apologize for not having any in-progress pictures.  Forgot all about it.
Day 2 I brushed on a coat of Daniel Smith acrylic in the color "Lapis Duochrome."  This is a color that looks turquoise in some lights and light blue-purple in other lights.  Very nice!  Using a fairly dry brush I was able to do the larger scales with this paint and still leave the black undercoat showing through between the scales for depth.  This is the part you see which looks like a very pale shiny turquoise (along the sides of the torso, for example).
Day 3 I did the inside of the wings and some other accent areas with Golden’s wonderful "Iridescent Stainless Steel" acrylic.  This is just such a cool paint.  I wanted to use Micaceous Iron Oxide, but it was coarser and would have added a texture I didn’t want.  So, the wings (underside), hips and knees are done with this.  In general these are areas of very small scales, so I wanted the look of chain mail.  Don’t know why; can’t see why a dragon would need chain mail, but what the heck.
Day 4 I painted random scales here and there, and the horns, and the ribs on the wings, and the claws, with a copper paint that I’d gotten for my steampunk projects.  I can’t remember the brand name of this stuff but it’s from Michael’s and it’s just a little 2-oz jar.  I also painted a row of scales on the upper legs with this color.  I have gold too, but thought the copper would look good with the turquoise patina effect of the other colors.
Day 5 he was still looking pretty bare because so much of the black was still showing.  I tried covering up the black with Smith’s Phthalo Blue (green shade), but it was still too dark and you could only see the new color in direct sunlight.
Day 6 I covered those Phthalo Blue sections with one of my favorite acrylics, Jacquard Lumiere in Halo Blue Gold.  I ordinarily use this for fabric work, but it worked fine on the dragon.  These are the parts you see that look greener.
Day 7:  I took it into the sunlight and checked for areas that needed touchup, and touched them up.
Day 8 (today):  Clear-coated with a spray acrylic; glued in the eyes and the forehead jewel.  He has green eyes and a blue zircon (December birthstone) jewel.
I really like him!  His name is Detro and he sits on my charging station so I can look at him all the time.  I might do another one in a different pose & color combo sometime.

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