The Crab Parade

Posted: August 27, 2009 in Ramblings
I forgot to mention the Beaumaris Crab Parade!  Down on the sea front there were a bunch of kids & families that had been catching crabs in buckets.  These crabs are about the size of my hand, and dark brown, not like the things they serve in US restaurants.  Anyway, the families were getting ready to leave, so the parents were making the kids release the crabs.  They stood at the top of a boat launch ramp and dropped crabs out of buckets, and at one point there were about 100 crabs scuttling sideways to get to the water.  There were also about 20 seagulls hanging around, wanting crabs, but afraid of the people.  Alex was really excited and squealing about this, while I kept checking my feet to make sure no crabs were nearby!

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