Posted: September 2, 2009 in Ramblings

To humor my mom, I’m putting up a picture of my 2003 Miata (Special Edition) which I bought used from Ron Tonkin’s Gran Torino in Portland, Oregon.  She wants to know “how I got it.”

  1. Found it advertised online.
  2. Contacted the dealer with questions about its condition, and about how to proceed with a purchase.
  3. Got a cashier’s check for the amount of purchase.
  4. Flew to Portland.
  5. Dealer picked me up at the airport & took me to the dealership.
  6. Test-drove it.
  7. Gave the dealer the check; he took a photocopy of my insurance & license.
  8. Drove home to Sammamish.

I hope that suffices for an explanation! 

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