Bad Days

Posted: September 9, 2009 in Ramblings
Wow.  I’ve had bad days before, and so have Chris and Alex, but here it is only 8:48 in the morning and it seems like we’ve all had a really full day of bad things happening!
First of all we all woke up late.  Naturally this resulted in a lot of rushing around.  Chris finally left for work and was back a few moments later to change his shirt because he’d gotten coffee on it.
I decided to take a peek at my online Spectrum Sweater project (to peek at the online pattern) and I discovered that what is online did not match the paper printout I’ve been working from.  Further investigation revealed that my paper is wrong, and that I will have to scramble to fix my sweater!  I ended up fiddling with the printout, the website, and the .pdf of the pattern so much that we became late for school.
On the way to school I noticed (a) Alex is wearing jeans that are about 3" too short for him and (b) he hadn’t eaten breakfast.  I had an emergency Balance Bar in my handbag but he wouldn’t eat it.
Dropped him at school; got home to find out Max had missed the litter box this morning and there was a puddle on the floor.  Cleaned that up.
Went into the kitchen; found that Alex had left his homework folder here.  I figured I’d email his teacher and ask if I need to drive it over, but I don’t have her email address, and it’s not on the school website!
However, there were some things that could easily have gone bad that didn’t:
  1. We drove to school with the top down, and while it looked rainy, it didn’t actually rain on us.
  2. Alex didn’t forget to wear pants or shoes or anything important.
  3. Neither did I.
  4. The cats are not sick.

So, I plan to hibernate in the house and knit the revised pattern in hopes of avoiding other issues!

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