People are Strange

Posted: October 2, 2009 in Ramblings
Today I stumbled across a vendor page on a popular group selling site, and the vendor’s informative text proudly proclaimed to buyers – most of whom, consider it, are probably not personally acquainted with her in any way – just how offbeat she is.  Now, I know there are offbeat people in the world.  But why do they have to try to force it down the throats of the purchasing public?  I’m sure there are people more offbeat than she is, who therefore would find her products mundane.  I think it’s ridiculous to try to persuade people how quirky you are, no matter whether you do it on a selling site, or in person, or whatever.  Book characters and movie characters ditto.  Just be yourself; doesn’t matter if you’re quirky or unusual.  People who like the way you are will be drawn to you.  It just seems like this sort of thing is so fakely pushy, and very prominent these days.  "Buy from ME!  I’m unusual!"  Bleah.
And then, of course, her marketing has totally backfired in my case; even if I liked her stuff, I wouldn’t buy it, now!

Here’s a quirky guy for us Ouran fans to think about.  Should Nekozawa be a Spellcaster or a Fiend?

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