A New Kit in Town

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Ramblings
Chris and I have been discussing adding a third cat (kitten) to the household.  Not for any "real" reason, just because we like cats so much.  Every time we discuss it, we come to the conclusion that it wouldn’t be fair to Max and Bickie to add another (potentially nasty) cat to our (perfectly content) household.  But last night I dreamt we’d gotten a new kitten, and when Alex was getting antsy and restless this afternoon due to the rain, Chris said, "Why don’t you guys go downtown and adopt another kitten?"  Of course Alex was all for it.  For some reason I jumped right on it.  We went to Kitty Harbor in Seattle, where we sat amongst the various cats & kittens for two hours (yes, two hours:  the people there before us took that long to make up their minds and get the paperwork sorted, and there was only one lady working), and came home with an adorable grey/white kitten yclept "Peanut." 
We have already exposed her to Max & Bickie.  Both of them were calm and inquisitive, but Peanut (name to be changed ASAP), who is about the size of a can of Coke, arched up and growled, mostly at Max (because he approached her gently to sniff her).  Eventually he and Bickie simply walked away, but Peanut stayed in her defensive pose until we closed the door between them.  We’re hoping it goes well tomorrow.  Peanut will spend the night in the master bathroom.
We tried "Aurora" (because she’s a roarer, her purring is louder than any kitten I ever heard), but it’s not an easy name to say, so we ditched it.  Suggestions are welcome.  Unfortunately "Archchancellor Ridcully" just doesn’t trip lightly off the tongue either (not to mention he’s a man).  "Pink Teacup" is an anagram of "Peanut Pick," Chris says, let’s name her Teacup and call her China.  Maybe.


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