Spectrum Sweater Update

Posted: October 19, 2009 in Ramblings
Here we are with an update to the Spectrum Sweater.  This is the back; it’s done.  Because the front is still on holders and the shoulders are also on holders (for the three-needle bind-off), it looks like it tapers towards the shoulders, but it doesn’t.  It is a classic T-shirt shape (shaped like the letter T).  Once I get some of the front bodice part done, I’ll put a pic so you can see the sleeves.  But this is the color progression.
Looking at it from a distance, as here, I can see one obvious change I would make, were I starting from scratch.  I think the color progression at the hem looks a bit silly.  The starting purple is too light.  If I were starting again, I’d do black for the hem, then jump right into the dark purple (which I think is Purple 5).  If I could find a good true cobalt type of blue, then the progression at the neckline could go from 10 Blue (which is what you see at the top on holders, a bit turquoisey) to the unknown cobalt, to the 5 Blue Purple (which is not used in my sweater) and then the 10 Blue Purple (which is what you see in my pic just after the hem).  But the progression from the 10 Blue to the missing 5 Blue Purple is just too drastic without some blender color like a cobalt in there.

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