The Latest on the Spectrum Sweater

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Ramblings
Well, I had some 8/2 tencel from Webs in the color "Blue Purple" (believe it or not, it’s a near perfect cobalt blue).  I put my stitches back on the needles and I’m going to work this blue at the neckline.
So my remaining two questions are (and I think I need to decide them in this order), What do I do about the edging? and Do I rework the hem at all?  My original pattern was just to have black bands of garter stitch for hem, collar and cuffs, but now I have this idea that I should do something more interesting.  Probably this is because I just got "Knitting Beyond the Edge" to complete my collection.  Good ideas in there, but many are too floofy to work with this sweater.  Although this is a simple sweater, there’s a lot going on visually; I don’t want to up the busy quotient and give people headaches when they look at me! 
After I decide what to do about the various edgings, I will think about what to do with the color progression at the hem.  I can
  1. pick up from the dark purple, work down to black, and end
  2. pick up from the light purple, work down to dark blue purple, then light blue purple, then end (if my edgings will be integrated with the body color nearest to them)
  3. leave it as is (which is, ultimately, not really an option)

If you have any design suggestions for this, please do write and let me know!  One of the Nicky Epstein things I like is putting wide points on the edges of things.  I can possibly knit a number of triangles in the colors matching the sleeve stripes and then graft the triangles to the sleeve so they’re in line with the stripe next to them.  I’ll experiment with that.

For now, I’m going to finish the back with the tencel and bind off (instead of doing the 3-needle bind-off later).  Mostly this is just because I want to see that it’s done.  Plus I can get a picture for you showing the shape better.

More later!

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