A Bunch of Trivial Updates

Posted: October 26, 2009 in Ramblings
There’s really not a lot going on around here. 
It’s raining. 
I am currently working on the front of the Spectrum Sweater.  I also got some K1C2 Truffles yarn (a yarn I’ve loved for 10 years but never bought) from Webs at the amazing clearance price of $3.99 a skein. 
New Kitten (probably to be named Skitty, after the Pokemon) has an upper respiratory infection, so she is living alone in the Wii room while the other cats have the run of the house.   Laundry is being done.  Can’t you tell I have such an interesting life?
On the leisure time front, I am reading the second in Bernard Cornwell’s King Arthur series.  Someday I’ll hit the wall on Arthur books, but not yet!  I also have C. J. Sansom’s "Dissolution" lined up to read, and am waiting for a couple of library books and two Amazon pre-orders to come. 
We are hoping to go look at a couple of houses this weekend.  One is 6700 square feet (!) on 17 acres, mountaintop, and the other is 4800 square feet on 5 acres, much closer to town than either (a) we are now or (b) the 17-acre property is.
Stay tuned for more hot updates!  Ha, ha, ha.

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