Posted: November 16, 2009 in Ramblings
Everyone who says "Alex looks just like Chris" should take a look at this photo.  In it, I’m the age Alex is now.  I haven’t seen this in years; Mom sent it to me, and the first thing I thought of was, "Looks just like Alex!"

In unrelated news, I got a new Miata last week (power-retractable Grand Touring hard top, 6-speed manual, black).  I got it because this is the first year where I wouldn’t have the Expedition as a backup "getting around in the winter" vehicle, and Chris and I were not sanguine about my chances with the old Miata.  The new one has dynamic stability control and traction control.  And heated seats!!

Unfortunately it has a couple problems, too, which is why I can’t show you any pics (because it’s in the shop).  The wipers judder across the windshield even when it’s pouring…the dash has a rattle…and the transmission pops out of fourth gear into neutral randomly.  I’ll put up pics when I get it back.  I named it Umbreon after the dark Pokemon.  Umbreon is one of my three favorites…the other two being Wobbuffet and Salamence.

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