A Card for You

Posted: November 20, 2009 in Ramblings
Haven’t done much worth talking about, but it’s raining and I feel like blogging.  Here is a card for you.

Also, I’ve mentioned to some of you the happy budgeproof eye makeup routine I discovered.  Here it is again, with a caveat.

  • Start with Urban Decay eyeshadow primer all over the lid.
  • Let it dry thoroughly and then apply your eyeshadow. 
  • Apply a thin layer of Trish McEvoy "Finish Line" sealant.

I did an A/B with the primer on both eyes and the sealant only on one, and the non-sealant eye was bare within 2 hours.  Then I tried an A/B with primer on one eye, sealant on both, and both Kristi and Rebekah agreed that the eye that had both, looked new, and the other eye looked worn.

The caveat is to let that primer dry.  Do your face powder or something while you wait.  Today I put on a pretty violent combo of NARS shadows:  electric blue on the lid and chartreuse on the highlight – and the primer was still a little tacky when I put the blue on, with the result that I couldn’t brush the shadow on.  Where it touched the sticky primer, it stayed.  I had to finish doing the blue part by stippling it on with the brush.

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