Changes in Knitting Style

Posted: December 3, 2009 in Ramblings
After nearly ten years of knitting my pullovers and cardigans in the round, I’ve decided to once and for all knit them flat. 
Why did I start knitting in the round?  Pure laziness.  By knitting in the round I not only eliminated side seams but also I could knit every row, instead of alternating knit and purl.  So it went a little faster.  I have probably made, oh, 15 sweaters in the last ten years, all of which were either knit in the round or knit cuff-to-cuff.
Why am I switching back to what might be called old-school design?  Constantly being dissatisfied with my finished sweaters.  Ends never seem to stay properly woven in.  Really, that’s the only reason.  I suspect that a knit-flat sweater with side seams will be more stabilized than one without; the seams will help keep it in place, rather than allowing it to sag down from gravity.  Working on the Spectrum Sweater and seeing how all the little ends of cotton yarn are working their way out to the RS of the garment makes me think that if it had been knit flat, this could have been eliminated by running the ends up through the side seams. 
Ah, this is just an observation I wanted to make while I was thinking about it.  I don’t really think anyone cares but I had nothing better to blog about.

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