Trademark Infringement

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Ramblings
Wow.  Today I got a notice from Etsy that they had to pull one of my beaded necklace listings because it infringed on a Pokemon copyright.  It was a simple beaded necklace but I named it after a town in one of the Pokemon games.  Apparently the US offices of Nintendo/Pokemon found it and requested that Etsy remove it from listings because of the copyright infringement.  I’m so mad I cancelled my Etsy account.  In the last 3 years I never sold anything at all there, anyway.
What astonishes me is, recently I’ve been looking for Umbreon-related items on the internet (Umbreon is another Pokemon).  And in addition to all the licensed merchandise, I’m finding loads of people making Umbreon ears & tails for costumes, Umbreon magnets, plush animals, stuff like that.  Clearly marked as "individually made," clearly marketed as Pokemon gear, and clearly for sale.  If Pokemon USA was able to find my reference buried in the listing details of my one measly necklace, why aren’t they stopping these other crafters who are selling Pokemon-style merchandise?

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