2010 Resolutions

We have no resolutions.
However, we did buy shelving to get our garage organized.  This is typical Murphy’s Law at work.  There were a few days in mid-December when the temperature was in the teens.  Chris would leave for work and get irritated at having to scrape his windows.  So he complained; we found the shelving we wanted, and learned it would be on sale in January.  Waited until yesterday to buy it.  Of course, from the day we located the shelving we wanted, it has been 45 degrees every day!
But it certainly can’t hurt to get the garage in order.  I put up one shelf and was astonished to discover at least half a truckload’s worth of stuff to get rid of (old serial port printer, old joystick, old speakers, baby car seats, office trays, lengths of rope for unknown purposes, plastic flower boxes (with spider eggs all over them), manuals for appliances we no longer own, empty boxes, broken toys, etc., etc., etc…ugh!  So, I didn’t get very far because most of the rest of the stuff is Chris-related and he needs to look at it and decide whether it’s keep or toss.  Salvation Army is going to have a big, big haul!
Gotta go wash the spider eggs out of my hair.