Various Updates

The garage is half clean.  Salvation Army took everything but the old baby seats (they are no longer compliant) and the stereo cabinet.  I’m going to list that on Craigslist.
I submitted a design to John Fluevog’s Open Source Footwear.  Check it out through that link and if you like it, vote for it.  The program is, shoes that get a lot of internet love actually get made, and named after the designer, and the designer gets a pair.  Naturally this is right up my alley, especially since I love Fluevogs!

My design (on Fluevog’s "Mini" heel)
We have just learned that our back fence is built on city property.  Since the city is constructing a roundabout at the corner, they need the extra couple of feet of land that we "have" behind the fence.  To accommodate this, they are going to rip out the fence and build a new one on the correct line.  They will then build us a retaining wall in the garden, to make the rose garden raised up and flat on top, and then they will put in a new 6′ high fence for privacy (the old one is only 5′ high).  We feel like we are getting a good deal here, since the retaining wall is a project we’ve been discussing for years.  I’ll keep you posted via this blog of updates.  So far all they have done is rip up the old sidewalk.  It’s quite noisy.