Things to do in Seattle

Today we went to the Ballard Locks for a little while.  We’d never been to this particular one, and Alex has never seen a locks in action (or is that "a lock in action"?).  So we were quite fortunate to get there just as a medium-sized sailboat was approaching from the Puget Sound side.  It was very interesting (although loud) to watch the water rise, and the second lock doors open.  (It was loud because they ring a bell the whole time to warn people to stay off the footbridge on top of the lock doors.)  There was also an iron drawbridge further out towards the Sound which was open, but it was open the whole time we were there – about half an hour – so we wonder whether it’s in a near-permanent state of "up."
Afterwards we had lunch at the Lock Spot Cafe, which was quite nice, and we decided to bring all visitors to this area when they come to visit.  There is also a botanical gardens nearby, but there wasn’t much to look at since it’s wintertime.

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