Nothing to Show, Today

Two men on foot, and a guy in a small digger, moved around our garden a lot today, wielding shovels, lifting and lowering the digger scoop – but there is no visible change to the yard.  If you walk over to the trench you will see it’s slightly shallower today, filled with gravel, but I don’t understand how six hours’ work by three guys could result in this tiny change.  Ah well, maybe something to photograph tomorrow.

The Fence Comes Down

Phase I.  The contractors remove our existing fence.  This picture was taken from the master bedroom window, so it’s a bit blurry because of the screen on the window – and also because I was trying to take it very quickly, and not be spotted by the workers!
At the time of this posting the fence is entirely down, but I will wait and do another photo later.

Yard Work

Yes, I forgot to mention that tomorrow the city starts our yard work.  I’ll keep track of the progress in pictures for you.  As a reference, here’s how it looks now.  We’ve already had the landscapers move all the plants that we want to transplant, so what’s left in the rose garden is going away.  This one’s a little blurry because of picture overlap (I used panoramic stitching to turn three photos into one big one).

First, the fence will come down.  Secondly, two long 4′ high walls will be built running across the rose garden parallel to the street.  One will be high – with the top of the wall being equal with the bottom of the fence, and the other will be in front and lower, with the top of it being equal to the bottom of the higher wall.  Lastly, a new 6′ high fence will be put in.
The reason this is being done is because the city is putting in a roundabout at the nearest intersection – just to the left of what you see here.  Roundabouts cannot be built on a slope, so the street must be redone to make the intersection level.  It will slope down after the roundabout part.  This means that the road behind our fence has to be built up – the new sidewalk & street level will be about halfway up the current fence – and so they need to remove our fence and redo it so that the road doesn’t abut the wood of the fence.  (Also, and somewhat incidentally, Centex, our builder, put the fence on city land.  They’re reclaiming it.)
So the new fence will start (at its bottom) about 3′ higher than the bottom of the fence you see here, and go for six feet (instead of the five we have now).  We will have two planting beds created by the new walls, and are working on picking out what sort of low-maintenance plants to put in to (a) camouflage the fence and (2) look good.  That’s today’s project.
The city guy said they could be done with everything in as few as three days!  I’m going to be busy, sitting around taking photos!

 Cheap photo doctoring.  The yellow box is where the new fence will be.  The red and blue lines will be the new retaining walls.

A Break from Designing

I’m still working on the empire dress design, but I took a break this week to knit myself a hat, because I’ve been so cold lately!  The doctor changed my thyroid medication, and that might have something to do with it (I have an appointment with her tomorrow to discuss this).  Anyway, I grabbed a few fine yarns from the stash and knitted up a basic hat using my "Super Easiest Coolest Hat" pattern from the Kaleidocherry website.
Yarns used for the hat:
  • Filatura di Crosa "Superior" in periwinkle
  • Jade Sapphire Cashmere/Silk in "Curacao"
  • Orkney 100% Angora in pale mint

The doily (which I used as a leafy accent) is done with Jojoland 2-Ply cashmere in sage green.  You can’t see them but there are little beads on the points of the doily where it is sewn down.

I admit it’s not flattering – making my head look like a giant beach ball – but it is warm, and i only plan to wear it around the house. Soft, too.  The only possibly bad thing is that when I wear it, my eyes get a bit itchy.  I really hope this is due to the angora – I know it’s not silk, and I REALLY, REALLY HOPE that I am not allergic to cashmere! 

Dyeing Yarn

Recently I bought  this yarn from Blue Heron yarns.  I love the yarn – sock/DK weight, merino and actual silver metal.  Soft and nice!  But I didn’t like the color as much in person.  (Blue Heron’s website colors are really rather odd compared to the actual yarn.)

So, this was supposed to be part of that lime & purple thing I was telling you about…but, it’s too green, not limey enough.  Today I’m overdyeing it.  I’ll report back.

Ah, I also tossed this in the pot.  It was on sale at Ben Franklin (20% off, cashmere & silk), so I bought it, but I don’t like the brown color.

Here is the finished yarn.  All four skeins were done in a crock-pot bath of Gaywool "Aster" dye.

You can see that the Blue Heron yarn didn’t take up the dye as well as the Consonance.  The green overdyed to blue – which is fine, and looks good as a variegation.  I was hoping to be able to mix these two in a project, but I’m not sure that will work.  Heck!  Instead of four skeins that weren’t going to work in my projects, I have four skeins that aren’t going to work in ANY projects!  Ah, you know me, I’ll think of something.