It’s Venting Time

Remember when I was a kid, and we wanted to show appreciation to people (teachers, doctors) and gave them a small present of our own choosing?  I can remember giving Mrs. Roehl (piano teacher) a little bottle of Avon perfume for Christmas one year, for example.  Well, it’s been a while since I personally have had a teacher that I want to treat in this way.
So you may know that there is now, thanks to evil Hallmark, a "National Teacher’s Appreciation Week."
In itself it doesn’t bother me.
But recently one of the class "moms" who helps out at school sent an email to all the parents of students in Alex’s class.  The email told us what to do to show teacher appreciation (buy candy and bring flowers) and told all the kids to write a note about why they appreciate the teacher.  We are directed as to what candy to buy, and what day to bring it, and to contribute cash to an all-class gift card, if we’re so inclined.
What the hell ever happened to individual thought and spontaneity?  I’m completely incensed at this email, and the sender, and the whole thing behind it!  I’m trying to rant at Chris about it, but I don’t want Alex to hear this, so I’m having to use creative euphemisms.  Come on, people.  It’s bad enough kids have to do homework when they’d rather be playing…now they are obliged to write notes to the teacher?  And they have to buy certain candy and bring certain flowers, instead of coming up with something appreciative on their own?  Alex always has tons of ideas for stuff like this.  It amazes me that other moms feel the need to try and control the classroom this way.  Maybe their kids have no imagination.