The Final Frontier?

Uh, no.  The final day of yard work.  How nice for me that I got a successful stitch out of it.  The top of the lower wall looks a bit wobbly, but it is straight; the wobble is due to my photographic and stitching efforts.  Maybe my heart was pounding with excitement and it made the camera shake.
Looking at the bottom of the fence boards, you can see that it is not very attractive.  There is a large gap between the bottom of the boards and the road level.  This is because they still have to build up the road surface.  When the road is done, the new road level will be even with the bottom of the fence boards.
You can click here to see a larger version of this picture.  Be warned…it is VERY LARGE!

Wholesale Accounts

Just thought I’d bring you all up to date on the companies that Kaleidocherry has business accounts with.  If there’s anything you see that you want, give me a holler (or, well, an email, because unless your name is Chris or Alex, I’m unlikely to hear any hollering).

Other than the New Rock stuff, it’s all craft items.  But you might want something, right?

Never Trust a Builder’s Estimate

All they had left to do, as of Friday, was put up the fence.  On Saturday we signed the paperwork to say we agree that after completion, we, and not the city, are responsible for maintenance to the fence and new walls.  At that point they said "On Tuesday they’ll come and finish the fence."  So I was eagerly looking forward to having our fence done today.
Well, eventually around 12:30 some guys showed up and wandered around dreamily for an hour before deciding to do any work.  They cut the tops off the fence posts in the last picture (because the fence is to be slightly shorter than those posts) and mounted a few boards on the outside of the fence, then dreamily put the temporary fence back up and left.  They were gone before Alex arrived home at 3:30.

Fence Posts

You can’t really see it well…I tried to get a good, well-done picture of the wall, and the fence posts are somewhat incidental to the picture.  But they put the fence posts up today; the concrete must set until Tuesday, and then the fence will go up.

The Wall is Done!

This was not the rallying cry of Berlin in 1989, which was, "The Wall is Down!"
The fence, however, is not done, and we don’t know when it will be.  I’ve got the landscapers tapped to come in soon and start talking about what to plant there.
Self-stitched today due to Digital Image not wanting to play nicely with my photos.