Family Art Project

Posted: June 9, 2010 in Ramblings
Dad (Grandpop, not Chris-Dad, as Alex would say) suggested the family take part in the 2011 Sketchbook Project from the Art House Co-op.  Chris, Alex and I were all game for it; Dad, of course, is doing it, and according to his blog Diane is apparently taking part also, though she didn’t mention it to me.  A theme for the sketchbook had to be chosen before ordering.  My theme is "Nightmare."  I chose this because most of my artwork turns out to be a nightmare anyway.  Sarcastic smile  Alex chose "Things that were changed by other things" (at the time of choosing, he was thinking about how his life has changed because of his friend Dylan moving away), and Chris chose "Dirigibles and Submersibles."
So far I’m the only one who has worked on it.  Serendipity struck as I picked up my blank sketchbook with greasy fingers; now I have fingerprints all over the cover, so I have decided that "good art gone bad" is going to be my nightmarish theme.  I’ll post some pictures when I have something other than a fingerprinty cover to show you.
In other art, Alex has decided to make origami frogs for every kid in his class as an "end of school year" thing.  He is also making them for his teachers.  We are up to our clavicles in frogs!

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