A Whole Lotta Updates Goin’ On

Yes, there are so many updates, they’re making me shake.
First:  I have reached the halfway point on the Ocean Wave shawl.  It just looks like a longer version of the previous pic, so I won’t bother putting up a new one.
Second:  We put a raised bed in our back yard and planted sage and lavender in it.  To center it under the big window left us with a little bit of space between the raised bed and the back stoop, so we laid landscaping fabric and sand, topped with river rock (like we did at Clinch Road).  This week Alex and I will be (a) picking up a few more bags of river rock and (2) sourcing plants for a couple of our old containers.  The containers will stand on the river rock.

Third:  These guys looked so cute the other day I had to snap a photo for you.

Fourth:  I just won an auction for a knitting machine on ebay.  I’ll report back when I have something to show.  It was cheap and old (made in 1964), but in good condition.  I’ll refrain from any obvious metaphoric comparisons between the knitting machine and other cheap, old things in good condition from that era Crying face

OK, that’s all the news!  Stay tuned for more, after we get the container pots in place and after my knitting machine arrives.