A Mid-Trip Report from Great Wolf Lodge

As a waterpark, the lodge is great.  The hotel rooms are adequate; about on par with any Marriott or similar kind of place.  But I’m here to tell you there are some things just unbelievable!  For one thing, we knew it would be expensive.  But we’re not planning a real vacation this summer, so this is kind of it, and we’re willing to splurge a little.  Well.  Not only are meals not included (kind of expected), but they are $$$.  The room was billed as "having Nintendo" in the kids’ area…didn’t realize it cost $6.95 an hour to play.  There are all sorts of activities you can participate in (story time, learn about frogs, learn to be a junior lifeguard, etc.), but they all cost more money, too.  Renting a locker at the pool, $5 a day.  We have seen families laden with gift shop bags and stuff, can’t imagine how much they are spending!  We are trying to keep the spendies to a minimum.  Frankly we were surprised that charging our netbook in a wall outlet didn’t cost us extra!
This is probably not a repeat destination for us.  Last night we went out to dinner and asked our waiter where the nearest book store is.  He said Olympia (about half an hour’s drive BACK towards Seattle)!  We drove around a while, stumbled upon a Staples, and then came back.  Bleah.  Tomorrow we are leaving right after breakfast and going home to our cats and my knitting machine (which works, but not well, because I don’t have all the bits).  More on that when we get back.

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