Machine Knitting

Well, I’m glad I only paid $49.99 for my old knitting machine.  Yes, it’s speedy with stockinette.  But it’s finicky about tension – yarn in balls isn’t playing well with it, although yarn on cones knits like a dream.  But I’m finding it hard to get each project started – I end up with a lot of dropped stitches and weird loops, and it takes a long time to fix them.  Also, the three successful things I made had to be seamed by hand, and it was an awful lot of seaming.  When I knit by hand, I usually do the seams as I go – so there might be the same number of seams, but not all at once.  And the ends need to be picked up and finished.  This is all really time-consuming and stressful for me.  I had hoped that the knitting machine would allow me to knit the long, plain sections of stockinette for the skirt parts of the dresses I want to design, but with all the seaming required, I’m not sure I want to bother!  Maybe I just won’t design any more dresses!

L-R:  bag knit with Filatura Superior and tencel; bag knit with 2 strands of laceweight cashmere; bag knit with laceweight cashmere and Kidsilk Haze.