Conclusions on Machine Knitting

I have been making these machine-knit things for a few weeks now.  They’re all based on the rectangle, which is not bad, and my machine can’t do much else (it’s an oldie, remember?).  For the last week or so I found myself investigating new (or "more advanced," I guess) machines, machines which could do lace and double-knitting and fair isle and other stuff.  My mind whirled around with the possibilities and with trying to choose which machine to get.
Well, I sat down today to work on a new pullover for Chris (started last night), and yeah, it’s coming out OK, and it’s an interesting and useful craft, but…I do NOT get the joy of knitting like I do with handknits.  After working on the pullover for a while, I came down and picked up my Ocean Wave shawl to work on that, and I get so much tactile delight from handling the cashmere that it really makes me happy.
So, in conclusion, I will keep my cheapo knitting machine, finish up the projects that have been started, and only use it for skirt portions of dresses in the future – dresses where I’m writing the pattern, and the skirt part is long sections of plain stockinette.  No more machines for me!

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