Red Hot Mama

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Ramblings
Today I finished another machine-knit project.  I have had these two yarns in my stash for a long time – Superior, a brushed laceweight cashmere, and Valley Yarns’ 20/2 silk (a 100% silk for weaving).  Singly, they were much too fine to contemplate hand-knitting with, but together, they worked up really nicely on the machine.  I did learn some things during this project.  Whatever length I think is right, I should add about 50 rows to the body.  And I should make the sleeves rectangles rather than shaping them as in hand-knitting.  This project was too short when seamed up, so I had to pick up and knit 400 stitches around for about 30 rounds…ugh…and then the sleeves are too snug near the bottom.  I think that adding the flared silk ruffles at hem and cuffs helps with this a little – certainly the length is right, now, and the ruffles on the cuffs distract the eye a bit from the tightness of the sleeve opening.  So, more machine-knitting adventures continue.
And yes, I too was surprised at how much I look like Mom in this photo!  But I think that’s the combo of glasses plus hair plus lack of lipstick Open-mouthed smile

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