Posted: August 15, 2010 in Ramblings
Today’s adventure:  roller skating!
For some reason, Alex has been clamoring all week for us to buy him Rollerblades.  I don’t know what set him off.  Then Chris said, "We should all get skates and then we’d have a good family exercise activity!"  So far, so good.  We spent about three hours yesterday poking around Bellevue trying to find skates.  First, Sports Authority.  They had a pair that fit Chris, but when he stood up in them, he almost fell over, and was a little hesitant about them.  They only had one pair in a size to fit me/Alex (right now we’re wearing the same shoe size).  Alex was a little nervous when standing up in them, too.  (Sports Authority has a very slick linoleum floor.)  So we went to Sears (no skates at all) and Big 5 Sporting Goods (only cheapo skates) and then came home.
Looking online, we found the Bellevue skate rink "Skate King," and I said, "Hey, why don’t we go to the rink for lessons tomorrow – you can try inline (Rollerblades) or quad skates (wheels on four corners) and decide which you like better.  And then if we all hate it, we’ve only lost the cost of a lesson plus skate rental."  This met with approval from everyone so that is what we did.
We immediately all chose quad skates.  This was all they made, when I was a kid, and I’d spent a lot of my youth at CC Skate Ranch.  So I knew I’d be comfortable in quads.  The clerk gave Alex the wrong size shoe (men’s 7 instead of women’s 7) and yet Alex said they were fine.
So, we went out on the rink and got some basic instruction.  Within a few minutes (to my amazement) I was zipping around the rink with only a few wobbles, and I didn’t fall down once all day!  However, Chris and Alex had troubles.
The instructor suggested that they would both do better in the inline skates instead of quads.  Neither Chris nor I can remember how she justified that, but they both changed into inline skates.  Chris immediately felt more stable in them, and proceeded to slowly work his way around the rink, with a grand total of three falls in the 1.5-hour lesson.
Alex, on the other hand, was having a very difficult time.  He was falling down every couple of steps, even in the inline skates.  The instructor looked more closely and realized his boots were much too big.  We got him to change into kids’/women’s size 5 and he was up and running!  But I’d guess he probably fell down 20 or 30 times during the lesson.  What surprised both me and Chris is that he kept getting up, and was eager to continue.  Usually this is the sort of situation where he’ll start whining about wanting to quit.
So, as a result, we’re all feeling pretty optimistic, at least about indoor skating.  It was 93 degrees outside, so we are NOT in any mood for outdoor skating, at least not yet.  I’ll report more next week after our second lesson.

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