I’ve left the ’80s, but they haven’t left me!

Posted: August 18, 2010 in Ramblings
One of the stylistic things that everybody remembers from the 1980s is the liberal use of vivid, neon-type colors in clothing.  Yes, neon colors have been in fashion here and there before and after the ’80s, but there was a big trend for it and I fell into that big trend like it was a tub of butter.  I still get jazzed from seeing hot pink and neon green together, for example, or hot pink and turquoise.  Here is some yarn I ordered earlier this summer from ebay; it’s Noro’s "Cash Iroha."  I only ordered it because of the colors that were available, not because of any real love for Cash Iroha, which is (a) bulkier than I like to knit with and (b) one of those "fake cashmere" yarns that is mainly wool and silk with a token amount of cashmere in it so they can use some form of "cashmere" in the name.  I’m currently knitting a funky hat with sea-urchin-type arms on top of it.  There will be a lot left, so I may also knit a shrug or jacket of some sort.
Here is some yarn I recently ordered from String Theory Colorworks.  "100% Awesome," indeed.

So I thought this would help me get my neon jag out of the way, especially because I cast on for a bias-knit pullover and it was looking dreamy.  But then I decided not to knit the bias-knit pullover, but something else, and so I frogged this one.

Yesterday I was browsing around the internet and went to Timbuk2, a store I like because you can choose custom colors for a bag.  Yes, they’re utilitarian bags, not fashion bags, but with this choice of neon 1980s colors I’m sure I’ll be both fashionable AND utilitarian!  This will, of course, probably become my knitting tote.

If the colors on that bag (which I’ve not yet seen in person) are strikingly awesome, I may get myself a small messenger to match, to use as my handbag.  Who knows?  And who knew that neon was still so prevalent in the world?!

(Now, where are my legwarmers…)

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