Halloween Mayhem

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Ramblings

In the world of costuming, it is always wise to get a jump on Halloween.  Last year I was scrambling somewhat, while trying to put together a steampunk costume at the last minute.  Last week I decided to refine last year’s outfit with a few more gadgets and/or subtle changes to the costume, and in the process have changed things entirely.  As a result, I have some new things and some old things being offered for sale.  Much of this will work together, but some of it won’t.  I’m not going to list it on ebay yet, but if you stumble across this and are interested in anything, just let me know.

  1. Von Lancelot custom corset in steampunk shades of brown and gold.  It has a detachable hood and tails.  (Whoops.  The tails don’t detach, just the hood.)  The lacing is brown ribbon, up the front, and the front is accented with faux brown croco.  Size 18, worn twice (last year).
  2. 3-hoop hoop skirt (fits up to 45″ waist), white.  Brand new, bought last week, but don’t need it for the final costume.
  3. Black-and-white striped skirt to go over the hoop skirt.  It has a serged hem so you can take it up to your appropriate length.  As a 5’6″ woman I find that it fits perfectly over the hoop skirt with neither of them dragging on the floor.  The stripes are about 1″ wide and the skirt has an elastic waist.  Probably would fit up to something like a 54″ waist; it’s pretty stretchy.
  4. Maroon silk reticule, custom made for me by an Etsy seller.  Has a little tassel on the bottom.  This is actually so new that it hasn’t arrived yet…but I can’t cancel the Etsy order.
  5. Maroon cotton wide sash, custom made for me by an Ebay seller.  6″ wide by 115″ long with angled ends.
  6. A bunch of six 1.5″ wide silk millinery roses in maroon (burgundy, whatever), with little green silk leaves.  I have a bag of brooch pins that I’ll send you to attach them with, if you like.
  7. 25′ piece of black tulle, 6″ wide.  A bit bent up but will steam out easily.
  8. An Alchemy Gothic “Dragon’s Lure” earpiece for the right ear.  My ear is too long, or too short, or something; I just can’t get this on right.  Gone.

OK, that’s it from Chez Costume!  (Meanwhile, what did I do with my false eyelashes…grrr…grrr…)

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