Opinions Sought

Hello everyone!  Anyone feel like giving me an opinion?  Hahahaha…of course you do!

In my last post I talked about the beautiful yarn Mom had dyed for me.  The navy with silver has been making me think of a very starry sky, and for about a year I’ve been trying to come up with a design that would evoke a garden at night.  So I felt like having this navy yarn was halfway there.  I don’t want to do an entire sweater with the Sterling; all that sparkle will make me look like Liberace.  So for a week or so, I’ve been meandering around websites and local yarn shops trying to come up with a yarn, or combo of yarns, that would evoke the garden, if I used the Sterling to evoke the night sky.

Today during a run to Ben Franklin (for ribbons for my Halloween costume), I spotted Mushishi – a Plymouth yarn that I’ve been eying for a while without quite knowing what to do with it.  Lucky me, there is a colorway that is dark grey-greens and variations thereon (some dark green, some dark grey, some flecks of white).  Quite believable as a “garden in the dark” kind of thing.

After swatching the two together, I worry that the white flecks in the Mushishi are going to make the overall look too busy (combining those white flecks with the silver flecks in the Sterling).  Here are some pictures.  Tell me if you think these two yarns together are going to look crazy or not.  I have included a picture with part of the rest of the Mushishi, because it does color-change throughout the ball, but you can’t see that on the swatch.

Sterling and Mushishi
I blurred the swatch so you will see it as if from a slight distance.


The skeins plus the swatch.

Looking at finished projects on Ravelry, some people appear to have had dark pink in their Mushishi skeins, but I just wound one off into a ball and didn’t notice anything but grey, green, variations thereon, and white flecks.

What do you think?  Can I use these two yarns together, or is it too busy?  Email me or post a comment!  Thanks.

Here is the pattern I plan to modify.  Mushishi for the grey, Sterling for the black.

Vogue Knitting's Boxy Cardigan, Winter 2009

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