Brains of a Goldfish

Posted: November 12, 2010 in Ramblings

Every day for three days I’ve come to the blog to write something.  And I’d forgotten my password, and instead of clicking “Forgot Password,” I stupidly just kept trying combinations of various passwords, and not being able to get logged in.  Finally after requesting a new password yesterday…by the time the new password arrived, and I logged in, I’d forgotten what the new blog topic was!

However, I just now remembered.  So here we go.

You did read that I fiddle with my fake manicures.  A word to all you similar girls out there – Shellac will pop off the nail if you fiddle with it.  I’ve got just enough new growth that there’s an edge of nail polish sticking up, in the back, between the skin and the Shellac.  Last night at the doctor’s office I started fiddling with that little ridge on the edge of the manicure, and peeled up a very, very small piece on the back edge.  Maybe 1mm.  And I was determined not to pop the manicure off, so I left it alone…for about ten seconds, and then it was just too irritating, so I popped it off.

The surprising thing was that it came off quite cleanly, all in one piece.  My old gel manicures used to do that, but they were thick layers of plastic.  Paint some acrylic paint on a piece of Saran Wrap and when it dries, peel it off.  That’s the consistency of the Shellac.  More like a film than a piece of plastic.

So there I was with one bare nail.  Ha, ha, ha…soon a second nail bit the dust.  This one did not come off cleanly, but in strips.

Anyway, this is a simple followup report.  I’ll try to leave the rest of the nails alone, so I can do a real report about removing them in the acetone.  Stay tuned.

(And oh, yes…some scientist has done studies with goldfish and mazes that prove they really do have quite excellent memories!)

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