Lacy Night

It’s been a long time since I blogged about knitting!  Whew.  Well, after all that thinking and worrying, worrying and thinking, about the navy Sterling yarn and the Mushishi, I decided to shelve the Mushishi project.  With the Sterling yarn, I designed an a-line pullover with an empire waist and lace trim on the cuffs and hem.  I knit one sleeve a few weeks ago and then took a break from it for a while in order to work on some krrmmmm…mmmm…er… yeah.

Yesterday I got back to it.  After thinking about it for a while, I changed the pattern to a cropped cardigan, not a-line.  This was because I have envisioned wearing it buttoned over a long solid-colored tee (like a set – not to wear the cardigan as a removable jacket).  So I rewrote the pattern and knit the right front piece.  Today I am working on the back piece (the largest piece of the garment).  Here is a pic of the sleeve for you, after washing and blocking.  The lace edge is the same pattern used in the Ocean Wave shawl (turquoise, completed about six weeks ago).  It’s a nice easy lace pattern and has become my default lace pattern.

The sleeve, laid flat.


The lace edge, up close.