The Last Rose

It’s not often I get to take these artsy pictures.  Mostly my pictures are the “stuff to sell on Ebay” or “pictures of the cats” type of thing.  But we had snow this past week, on Monday and Tuesday, and as I sat knitting on Monday morning, looking out the window, it struck me that this would make a very nice artsy picture.  Bickie was on my lap, and I didn’t want to turf her out, just to go take a picture, but eventually the snow started falling harder and it was obvious that if I didn’t get out there and take the picture now, it would be too late.  So I booted Bickie and wandered out to take it.  This was taken with the good camera, not the phone camera.  Enjoy the last rose of the season (it’s either a Duchesse de Brabant or an Andrea Stelzer, I can never remember).

The last rose of 2010.


Click it for a crisper picture.

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