Posted: December 8, 2010 in Ramblings

Does anybody really care about how this Shellac manicure turned out?  I hope not.  A couple weeks ago I peeled them all off (the pale pink ones) and did my nails with the regular nail polish combo of OPI base coat/color/top coat.  Let’s see, that was last Monday, the 29th.  As of today, the OPI manicure is beginning to chip and peel at the edges and at the base of the nail.  I tried something unusual which might work out well.  I put a top coat of Shellac over the only OPI nail that hasn’t chipped – my right thumb – and we’ll see if it extends the longevity of the manicure.  Since all these products remove with acetone nail polish remover, it ought to at least come off cleanly when I decide to take it off.  If it works well, a pre-Christmas manicure will be in order.  If not, perhaps I’ll go bare-nailed.  Thanks for listening.  Sorry I couldn’t hack the full Shellac manicure enough to give you a true report.

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