Posted: December 12, 2010 in Ramblings

Now, I only knit one of these gloves because it was a simple revision of a previous pattern.  I wanted to design a revised inner glove for people who didn’t like the ruffle approach.  So that’s what this is all about.  Ravelers can find this pattern by searching “Sacharissa’s Gloves” in the pattern database, or by looking up my (Kaleidocherry) patterns.  This single glove took me 2 days (not counting the dye time) and yes, double-faced ribbon would have worked better.  But here it is.

I need a new manicure.

  1. G-G says:

    I’ll bet Michael Jackson is rolling over because he only got to wear one sequined glove and not this beauty!

  2. thepaintedpony says:

    Cool, but dang – that looks like it was difficult!

  3. thepaintedpony says:

    Are those blue fingernails? We need a post on that fact alone! 🙂

    • Blue, miserable fingernails. That’s OPI “Catch Me In Your Net” (I guess a mermaid theme). In the bottle it looked like a dark, mysterious peacock & gold color. On the finger, it was more of a bright, glittery turquoise. Much paler than I’d expected. I’m planning to get opaque black to use as a base coat for the next use. But thanks for noticing!

  4. calicokitty says:

    my favoritest colors! love the gloves!

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