Lacy Night – Complete!

Posted: January 15, 2011 in Ramblings

A few weeks ago (after returning from Reading) I finished the Lacy Night cardigan, but the weather has been so dull here that it was impossible to get a good picture.  Today it’s still dull, but I had Chris take a few pics anyway because I wanted to post it.  So here it is.  This was created with three skeins of Kraemer Yarns’ “Sterling Silk and Silver” that was dyed navy by Mom.  The lace edging was taken from a free shawl pattern on Knitting Daily.  The shaping of the cardigan was designed and knit by me (of course), and the “star and moon” shawl pin closure was purchased from etsy seller NovaSteel.  Other than one sleeve being about an inch longer than the other, I’m really happy with this.  I love the starry-night look of the navy yarn and as a springtime evening jacket this will be perfect.  As long as I keep one arm up in the air so nobody notices the sleeve length discrepancy 🙂

No flash was used. This is how it looks in regular light.


With flash. This shows the lace and stitching better, but is more washed out.

  1. thepaintedpony says:

    Love the glitter in the yarn. It’s got bling!

  2. G-G says:

    Very nice! Why don’t you take out the offending sleeve, eliminate a few rows, then reattach it. You do really nice work.

  3. That’s actually what I did on the short sleeve, because it was initially about six inches longer than the other. And it was a huge amount of work, because of the lace cuff. I may yet do it, but at least it looks OK for now. Thanks for the compliment! You do nice work too.

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