Tea Blossoms

Posted: May 20, 2011 in Ramblings

We hadn’t seen these things before last month, but they were intriguing.  Fully-bloomed flowers, infused with tea, then dried and packaged into little balls.  You put the little ball into a teapot and pour boiling water on it, and it unfurls the flower to make something visually-pleasing for you while you wait for your tea to steep. 

Thanks to a dyed yarn swap with my friends in the Cheerful Charlies group on Ravelry, I received a box of six tea blossoms (Teaposy brand) from my friend 3himmies.  Tonight we made the first one, the “Falling Water” posy.  Here are some pictures for you.

Sealed in its pouch.


Out of the pouch. Looks like a little nut.


Dry and in the pot.


After blooming!

We have a movie of it blooming, but we don’t want to pay the outrageous fee that WordPress charges!  I’ll put it on the us-picks.com site and come back here to link to it.  A bit awkward, I know, but…it’s free…

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