Spinning Rant

You know, as a means to obtaining yarn, spinning is SO not worth it.  I don’t mind spinning, but the mood rarely takes me.  About 2 months ago the mood did take me, and I ordered some Rambouillet/silk batts from an etsy seller, dyed them, and started idly spinning them into the finest yarn I could manage.  I just finished plying it today.  Totaled up the number of yards in the final skein (140) and divided by the hours spent spinning (seven).  That’s 20 yards per hour.  That’s appalling!  I can knit faster than that.  A lot faster.

Not to mention that 140 yards is really only enough for a hat.

Now, the cost of one batt (which made this whole 140-yard skein) is about the same cost as a 140-yard skein of yarn purchased commercially.  So, end-result-wise, that’s not a bad thing.

But factor in the cost of the batts, the dye, and the dye time as well, and you’ll see that for me at least, spinning is counterproductive.  All the yarn styles that I spin are also available commercially, either by buying outright, or buying a few different yarns and combining them.  I do not like spinning as an activity, only as a means to an end – and having finally worked out these numbers, that means to an end is nonsensical.  No more spinning for me!



Closeup of my finished skein.