Born in the Wrong Era

Posted: October 18, 2011 in Ramblings

I know a lot of people talk about this sort of thing…historical reenactors, people like that.  Well, I feel that I was simply born too early.  If I’d been born in, say, 1990, I’d have been able to ride the goth craze in high school (a look/aesthetic that still appeals to me), and I would definitely have purchased this dress for my wedding dress.  Even if I didn’t have anyone lined up to marry yet.  This is the most awesome dress I ever saw.  It’s making me want to drag Chris off to an exotic locale to renew our vows.

Of course, if I’d been born in 1990, I wouldn’t have been biologically capable of giving birth to Alex in 2000, which would definitely be a big bummer, so…I guess I’m happy with things as they are.  I’ll just be a goth chick in my daydreams.

  1. Don says:

    Looks like something Scarlett O’Hara would have worn. Tara, Tara, Boom Te Ay!

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