Fabulous Contest for Fabulous Yarn

I want to dream and win!

Fabulous Yarn is sponsoring a contest to win a bag stuffed with my choice of yarn.  Wah.  I have been insane for the intensely-beaded Artyarns “Beaded Silk & Sequins Light” and that is definitely what I’d choose.  Some of you have seen the shawlette I made with it, which I will put below.  This stuff is so freakily beaded that the finished project looks like someone dumped a bag of gold sequins on it.  It’s wonnnnnnderful.  Chris says I am embracing my trailer trash instincts but I DON’T CARE.

If you want to see all the colors of this luscious stuff, check it out here.  I’ve been saving up for a while; I want to get the navy blue with silver and make a Starry Night shawl out of it, but…it’s pricey, as you can see.  Winning a bagful would definitely be a bonus.

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