The Right Design

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Ramblings

Ravelry is a wonderful resource for knitters. There are thousands upon thousands of searchable patterns, which are either marked as free, or shown with an indication of where to buy them. And yet…I can never, never, never find anything I actually want to make, and I end up designing my own things almost every time. This week I took that silvery-grey-green Swiss Mountain Silk out of the store for my personal consumption; I love it so much that I can’t bear to sell it. So I started looking for a cardigan or jacket, something with a leafy or other nature kind of lace motif.

And I got nothin’. All the lacy, leafy things are either sized too small, or simply unattractive to me (though this may be a fault of the model, and not the design itself – a lot of jackets are shown laid flat on the floor, which I’m guilty of as well). All the things that fit me are plain and boxy, or pullovers rather than cardigans.

Back in about 2003 I’d started doing custom Aran sweater design, which I gave up because of the math headaches, but I’m now thinking maybe I’ll dig up my own personal Aran design and try again. Or maybe I’ll design a leafy, lacy, plus-sized cardigan myself. I’ve got the software program to help me with the shaping math, so it’s only a matter of finding the right leafy, lacy designs and working out the math for that. I’ll keep y’all posted. There has to be a way.


I designed and knit this front for an Aran sweater in 2004 and then gave up. Cabling is HARD!

The yarn in question.

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