Graduation Time

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Ramblings

Alex has officially “graduated” from sixth grade.  (Pictures below.)  Quite apart from the fact that I think it’s silly to celebrate such an artificial milestone, I found it amusing to listen to the principal’s speech.  She said, “You will never forget this day, and the friends that stand beside you.”

I was laughing hysterically (inside) because I can barely remember anything about elementary school, and not much about junior high, either!  When Alex gets to be my age I’m going to ask him if he remembers his sixth-grade graduation and see what he says.  Hah.

Alex and his teacher, Mrs. Urlacher.


Alex and his special needs teacher, Mrs. Saura. We are very happy for all her support over the years!



The certificate proves it! He made it!


The mullet is growing out well, too.  I don’t know why Alex has this desire to close his eyes in photos.  I had three other ones I was going to upload, but…his eyes were closed.

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