“I’m all out of juice!”

No, I am not channeling Lord Flashheart.  Just looking for a juicy title for my post.

Yesterday Chris got a bee in his bonnet about juice fasting.  We did a ton of research in the afternoon and ended up buying a book and a juice extractor (this was our anniversary present to each other).  And about 10 pounds of vegetables.

So, today, we have been making juice and drinking juice all day long!  I believe that out of that ten pounds of veggies, we have left 3 carrots, a bunch of cilantro, and some lemons.  We have plowed through 2 heads of Romaine lettuce, two tomatoes, 14 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 4 lemons, a bunch of parsley, ginger root, 2 beets, and probably some other stuff I’ve forgotten.  We are hoping that this approach will help us get healthier and more energized.  Strangely, although you’d think that juiced-up stuff like this would taste weird, it’s not too bad (although we overdid it on the ginger the first time and found our throats burning!)

The juicer is by Breville (same company that makes our K-cup machine and espresso machine) and it’s a real champ, so far.

I am sure there will be some juicy follow-up stories about this on the blog in weeks to come.