Caveat Emptor

As a seller of patterns on Ravelry I always try to put as much information into the notes (which a reader will see before paying for the pattern) as I can.  People like to make informed choices.

What I’m wondering is why a lot of designers fail to do this.  There are a few nice patterns that continually crop up in my searches, which cost money, and I finally bit the bullet and bought two of them.  One pattern cost twenty dollars!  For one shawl!  I don’t even pay $20 for a book full of patterns, most times.  I thought there was some unique and intricate method that was involved, and I certainly would like to support people developing new methods, so I did it.  I paid $20 for a shawl pattern and discovered there was nothing unusual at all.  Just a sideways-knit rectangular lace shawl, where the designer used different colors and different lace patterns for each stripe.  $20 down the drain IMHO.  I could have whipped something up from my stitch pattern books in about 20 minutes to come up with a similar design.

Well, I tried again later with a $7 pattern.  Short shawl.  A load of people have knit this; a fair number of them complain about the way the pattern is written, but I figured it was better to spend $7 than to try to reverse-engineer a similar design on my own.  There’s weird shaping and so forth.  And…those people are right.  I look at this pattern and I.Am.Daunted.  I don’t even know where to start!  (I mean, obviously I know where to start, start with the cast-ons.  But you know what I mean.)

And, of course, there is no way to get your money back on something like this.  For a long time patterns have been non-returnable (even before the internet), because of the copyrights, I guess.  So I’m off to un-daunt myself.  Might be a while before y’all see me here again.

(Just for the record, my patterns are either free or $4.  I really don’t believe in charging outrageous prices for them.  People do pay the $4 – I hope they’re not dissatisfied with my work.)


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