No Longer Carrying Qiviut

I just finished a new shawl design which I invented to showcase just one pricey skein of Arctic Qiviut and then a less-pricey skein of your choice.  The finished object was very cute, in fact, it was exactly as I’d envisioned it.  But of course it needed blocking.  I took it upstairs and put it in a cool water bath and it immediately started bleeding dark dye.  Badly.  Ten rinses later it was still pouring off dye (and I was not using Soak or any other kind of additive in the water), so I nuked it with a tablespoon full of citric acid and it stopped the bleeding.  But I hate to sell “defective” things like that, because I don’t want customers getting irritated with me.  I’ve therefore marked all the Arctic Qiviut yarns in the store down to the wholesale price and will not be carrying them after this stock runs out.  Buy now.  There are only 5 skeins remaining, although I do have one ball of “Arctic Dream” (55% qiviut, 30% cashmere, 15% silk) listed in my Ravelry trade stash, because I’d used it, cut some off, and then frogged the project.  If you’ve ever wanted to try this fiber, now is an exceedingly good time to afford some, and…shipping is still free.  Just beware of dye bleeding in the rinse.

I’m still intensely happy with Artyarns and will begin a new project with them in about 20 minutes!

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