That yarn, caked

Posted: November 18, 2012 in Ramblings
I should have put these pictures up before.  Here are those skeins wound into cakes.  The four on left were wound from the outside in (meaning that the dark outer part that you saw in the blue dye pan is now at the center of these cakes), and the one on the right was done the opposite way, so that you can see the dark progression of the outer part that was sitting in the dye bath.  You’ll note the pale parts are no longer “pink”; having taken up some brown or teal they’ve neutralized quite a bit, to a weak mocha color.

The second picture is a top-down view of the two rightmost cakes, so you can see into the center and get an idea of the color flow.

The five cakes are for sale as a lot on Etsy for $60 shipped.

All five skeins, caked with the center of the original ball on the outside, except the right one, which has the outside of the original ball on the outside.

Top-down view.

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