Hope Springs Eternal

Posted: December 8, 2012 in Ramblings

We have never put outdoor Christmas lights up, just because we don’t feel the electricity expenditure is worth it.  After all, we do live at the end of a dead end.  Three other people might see our decorations (not counting our visitors).

Well, this year we decided to do it, since we’d only need one little string of lights to go on our tiny box hedge.  Chris said “Only if there’s a ground fault receptacle outside,” and of course there isn’t.  Not out front.  Putting lights in the back yard would be pure idiocy, so we researched solar lighting.

In Seattle.

Yes, it sounds idiotic, but we got some and set up the solar panel, and damn if it didn’t get sunny five minutes later and stay sunny all afternoon!  We were all very excited.  When it got dark I went out and turned on the lights, and they looked great…for about three minutes.  By the time I yelled, “Hey, Chris!  Come look at the lights!” and he’d come over, they’d gone out.

I can be flexible.  I can attribute this to the fact that they’d only had three hours of sunlight before it got dark, and I can be hopeful for tomorrow.

Then, later, I went out and cycled the power switch off and then on again, and they lit up.  “Hey, Chris!  The lights are back on!”

Chris got up and hustled to the front door and they’d already gone out.  Now he thinks I’m doing this just to make him run around the house.  But I wasn’t!  (Though it was amusing.)  Next time I’ll take my camera outside to get hard evidence.

And in the meantime, I’m hoping tomorrow is another sunny day.

  1. kristikaiser says:

    Hilarious! I love this post! We still haven’t put lights up, although I love to have them!

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