Lint-Free Towels…

Posted: December 10, 2012 in Ramblings

…a complete myth!

I always, always, always get little strings of lint on my face, and more specifically in my eyes, after washing and drying my face.  I even keep a tweezers and a 15x magnification mirror on the countertop so I can find them as soon as I’m done drying, and get rid of them before they get into my eyes.  (We won’t discuss the horror of seeing this aging face at 15x magnification.  I try to ignore that part of it.)

Chris recently suggested lint-free towels.  A wise idea, or so we thought.

I browsed around Amazon, always my first stop for these sorts of weird specialty items.  Found a lot of choices!  And every choice talked about how they were great for “car washing” or “window washing” or other household tasks.  Even though some were called “surgical towels,” which sounded promising, all the reviewers had been using them for cleaning tasks.  “Get them anyway,” the Man said, “they’re not that expensive, and they might work.”  So I did, and they got here yesterday, and I laundered them.

I’m sure you all realize, by now, the total fallacy here.  Maybe the towels are lint-free, but the rest of my laundry isn’t.  They came out of the dryer covered in lint.  Just by folding them, lint flew off and got in my eye.  It’s still there now!  I can’t see to remove it, but boy, I can feel it.

(Yes, Mom.  I was folding laundry.)

My next task will be to wash and dry them in their own special laundry cycle, if I ever get caught up on the Real Laundry.  However, I’m not entirely hopeful.  We may have just purchased ourselves 12 car wash rags.

In other news…

The solar lighting company tells us the solar panel has to be completely blacked out while the lights are on, or else if it senses ambient light it will keep storing energy and not turning the lights on.  Since it’s midafternoon here, I can’t test it, but we will do that tonight, and post A Report.

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