Corespinning? Crapspinning!

(Warning: undefined spinning terminology ahead. This is just a rant.)

Maybe I just don’t have the finesse to work some of these new techniques. I’d read about corespinning – where you take an already-plied yarn, loosen its twist (by running it through the spinning wheel), and then turn it into a new yarn by using it as the core to take up unspun new fiber. The Minispinner is supposedly really good for this, and there was some junk Kauni (solid bright yellow-orange) lying around, as well as a bunch of ugly batts from an Etsy seller, so today I decided to try it.

The Minispinner worked like a dream to unply the Kauni. That took about three minutes for 700 yards. Cool! Per the instructions on the internet, I tore my ugly purple batt into strips (as evenly as possible) and predrafted them.

I then changed bobbins, put the Kauni bobbin on the lazy kate, tied on the end of the Kauni, and turned the Minispinner on. V-e-r-y slowly, with minimal takeup. I thought this would help me get a feeling for the process.

Hah. Immediately I got this gigantic fat blob of fiber wrapped around the core. Increased the takeup, decreased the speed. Fiddled some more. The Minispinner didn’t seem to be happy at all, to the point where it seemed like something might be wrong with it. It was giving me a lot of speed (even on the lowest setting) but no takeup at all. At least I didn’t see smoke coming out of the motor!

I won’t go into every gory detail but suffice it to say this stuff occasionally spun up SO FAT that it wouldn’t even fit through the eyelets on the Woolee Winder bobbin. The motor was spinning madly, but I could not get the takeup right, and so I had to stop every few inches and turn the bobbin by hand to get the yarn through. It took fifteen minutes to do half the batt, and I ended up with about 3 yards of wildly irregular yarn. The bright yellow core shows through at intervals, and it’s alternately hard-twist and giant puffy slubs with no twist. Useless to me as a yarn; I might fling it in the next laundry load and make a cat ball out of it.

Some of you (and in fact I bet I could predict which of you) will say “Practice makes perfect.” I can hear it now! But…it’s not worth it, to me. This was just an experiment, and I didn’t enjoy it at all, and didn’t really want the final product (because the batts were such junk to begin with), so, for now, I’ll say “Lesson learned” and stop doing this type of project.

This leaves me with 2.5 junk batts (one pink/white, one blue/white, half a purple/white) and a bobbin full of untwisted yellow-orange Kauni. Anybody want it?