Memory Fail, or Customer Ripoff?

A few days ago I went to Ben Franklin (a store like Michael’s or Jo-Ann) to look at yarns. I was going to try to create a Feza Alp-style yarn on my own, using various blue, cream, yellow and copper bulky yarns, and wanted to see what they had in stock. I ended up finding five skeins that fit the bill, and bought them, and brought them home. They’ve been sitting on my desk in their bag since then.

This morning I thought about this project, its cost, and everything, and…it’s too daunting. I decided to return everything, and pulled out the receipt to make sure all my ducks were in a row for returns.

The receipt showed the five balls of yarn (which all had price tags on them to match the receipt) and a line for “Seasonal, 19.99, 80% off” so it was 5.99.

There was nothing else in the bag. And I have mentally walked through that entire visit and cannot remember even considering the purchase of anything seasonal. I believe the sales clerk rang that up accidentally, but how could I prove it? If I said something, they’d just think I was either making an unneccessary fuss over $5.99, or trying to scam them. Who’s to say I didn’t remove a $5.99 seasonal item from my bag and come in to act forgetful and get a refund? Yes, I realize that’s a bit dopey – why would anyone want to scam a store for a mere $5.99 – but the case could be made.

So I took the yarn back today, thinking the whole way there about what to do. In the end I decided to do nothing. It would probably waste more than $5.99 of my time to work this out with the store, and I didn’t want to waste time. So I returned the yarn and then retraced my steps from that day…and there was indeed nothing that I would have bought. Then I checked the Jeep’s cargo bay, in case something had fallen out of the bag and rolled away. Nothing.

So, my gut feeling is that this was “operator error” by the sales clerk, but since I have no way to prove it, I’m stuck. It galls me enough that I probably won’t shop there anymore. They have $5.99 (plus tax) of my money, for nothing at all.

And yes, this is just another rant. What would you do in a case like this?

To soothe my soul I became a Feza retailer when I got home 🙂

One thought on “Memory Fail, or Customer Ripoff?

  1. This actually happened to us at Costco, and they had no problem with returning the money. It was just a trip of the fingers. “I believe you rang this up by mistake,” would probably sort it out.

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