Feza Alp Premier

Some of you may know that I’ve just become a retailer for Feza Yarns, mainly to get my hands on the Alp Premier yarn. This is an art yarn which is made by tying lengths of different yarns, gauge- and color-coordinated, together into a 210-yard skein of worsted weight yarn. Feza recommends size 10 needles for 5 stitches to the inch. I received my first shipment yesterday and cast on for a sample project this morning using color #412, a blend of peacocky colors.  Following are my notes about it.

First of all these skeins are not uniform.  That is to say that one color may be a blend of ribbon, eyelash, slub, plain plied yarn, where another color may be ribbon, ladder, thin eyelash, flags, or whatever.  Each skein I have contains some ribbon, but other than that they’re not uniform at all, and not all the ribbons are identical in construction.  Skeins in a matching colorway appear to have identical content, though.

So I’ve started the scarf you see below.  Since this was more of a “how does it work up” kind of test, I took their needle recommendation of US10 and cast on, without regard for gauge.  I cast on 40 stitches for the body and two edge stitches each side to keep it from rolling.  I should have done the first few rows in garter stitch to keep that from rolling, but didn’t think of it…sigh…I’ll add something on later to stabilize it.

The first thing I noticed is that the yarn is very slippery.  I am using my Nova (metal) needles and it’s very slippery.  I would have switched to my (wooden) Dreamz but the only size 10’s I have are already in a project.  So I continued with the metal needles for the purposes of this post.

Beginning of a scarf, 44 stitches wide, size 10 needles.

The second thing I notice – which you might be able to see by clicking the picture to enlarge it – is that this results in a fairly open fabric.  It’s loopier than I like to see; partially I dislike these open stitches because I’m a klutz and often catch them on dishwasher tines, door hooks, etc.  However, since I probably won’t wear a scarf around the house while cleaning, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem.  I do plan to design a new kind of garment with one of my new colorways, and will probably go down to a size 8 needle for that.

The other option that occurred to me would be to carry along a laceweight or fingering weight strand of something sproingy, in a solid color – the most neutral color that appears in the skein.  For the above I would have chosen brown, but in all the other skeins I have in stock, either cream or pale pink.

L-R:  405, 412, 411, 416, 33.
L-R: 405, 412, 411, 416, 33.


Wow.  Half my post went missing.  Anyway, what I wanted to wrap up with is the link to my store listing for these yarns.  I have six skeins in each colorway, except the #412, which has only 5 remaining.  Buy all the skeins in one colorway and get 20% off!  You’ll have to contact me about setting up a specific listing; Etsy doesn’t allow those kind of specialized discounts.


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